Vanessa Weber

A pugilist you can find hitting the heavy bag just about any weekend, Vanessa has been packing a punch in HR for nearly 15 years now. In addition to being passionate about boxing, she loves strengthening teams from all kinds of industries, including manufacturing, medical, human services, and now advertising. Her expertise lies in leading inclusive direct reports and even building amazing teams from scratch.

Starting off as a serial college student, Vanessa studied sociology, interior design, and then HR later in life. She went on to work several customer service jobs (even used her smooth talking skills to sell cars!) before getting into HR. She has plenty of experience with providing balance between consistency and flexibility while bringing collaboration and fun to the office.

It doesn’t take much to get Vanessa out of the house—in addition to her love for working up a sweat, she also enjoys shopping, traveling, advocating for animal rights, hitting the Twin Cities patio dining scene out with family and friends, and, yes, doing the occasional kitchen two-step with her beloved American Bully, Dempsey.