An an award-worthy year.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year at Friends & Neighbors. We won new business, there were promotions and we had an endless supply of fruit snacks. Among those things we’re grateful for are the awards we won this year on some pretty stellar work. We won gold, silver and bronze at The Show, we were featured in Communication Arts for our design work on the Minnesota Timberwolves and we won our first Telly for our work on the University of Minnesota. Check out the full list below.

  • The Show
  • Gold – Timberwolves Art Direction
  • Silver – Mayhew Art Direction
  • Silver – Mayhew Integrated Brand & Identity Campaign
  • Silver – Timberwolves Integrated Advertising Campaign – Local
  • Silver – Timberwolves Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics
  • Bronze – Anytime Fitness – Copywriting
  • Bronze – Ma Jolie Art Direction
  • Bronze – Mayhew Logo Design
  • Bronze – Mayhew Specialty Advertising Campaign
  • Bronze – Willamette Haze Integrated Brand Identity Campaign
  • Bronze – Willamette Haze Packaging


  • Communication Arts
  • Design Feature for the Minnesota Timberwolves


  • AIGA
  • Branding for the Minnesota Timberwolves


  • Addy Awards
  • Gold – Mayhew Art Direction
  • Silver – Mayhew Integrated Brand Campaign



    Gold – Minnesota Timberwolves Integrated Brand Campaign



    Bronze – University of Minnesota General Promotional Video