We've all been there.

Have you ever been so embarrassed at work that you literally wanted to crawl inside your giant cowl neck sweater and never be heard or seen again? Or how about that project from hell where it was endless revisions and countless PowerPoint presentations? Or what if you seriously did spill an entire glass of water on a coworker’s computer right before a presentation? Well, you’re not alone. The other night, SheSays Mpls hosted an event called “Horror Stories: Tales of Epic Career Failures, Projects from Hell, And Major F@ck Ups,” and I, Carrie Bain, got to be the emcee.

The evening was a mix between a night at the Gaslight from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and tales from Are you Afraid of the Dark? It was a safe space where every single person got up and shared their very own career horror stories. And there were a lot of them.

They shared stories about laughing so hard they peed their pants during a meeting. Accidentally sending a rated R video that “allegedly” had nudity in it to the entire company. And one person bravely revealed how they reacted when a client asked why the copy was in Spanish (it was in Lorem Ipsum). And let’s just say, she had to keep a straight face and explain what placeholder copy is. But you know what? Each and every one of them lived to tell the tale.

If you’d like to book Carrie Bain for any of your upcoming emceeing duties please reach out to her at carrie@friends-neighbors.com.