Tom Fugleberg

In Tom’s opinion, there is no more powerful creative force on Earth than that of shared, fervent belief. It’s what bridges divides within organizations; it’s what arms challengers to take the hill; it’s what forges timeless bonds between a company and the various communities it serves.

It’s also what Tom has delivered to world-renowned brands for over 20 years. And continues to champion for wholeheartedly in his role at Friends & Neighbors.

Over the course of his career, Tom and the teams he’s led have been recognized with nearly every major creative accolade. But it’s the outsized success of his work (to the tune of 21 Effies) that gives him the greatest sense of reward.

Tom began his career at Fallon (Minneapolis). After which he helped architect Olson (now ICF Next) from its inception to its status as an industry A-lister. He is a member of the MN Film & Television board and lives in Savage with his wife Christine and their kids, Gia, Ila and Brax.