Scott Muskin

Creativity in pursuit of a meaningful connection between people and brands—that’s what Scott’s 20 years building brands, campaigns and experiences has made him passionate about. Scott has been agency side, client-side, and independent, working with brands (and budgets) big and small, and believes in smart strategy with a deeply connecting, deeply human central idea that can thrive in any medium and drive conversations beyond paid. Coming from a rich retail background, he also knows that getting people to pay attention (and, sometimes, make that all-important click) can be as critical as anything.

Scott started in direct mail, moved to Target as a writer, and then joined Minneapolis trailblazer Olson and tried the freelance independence life as well. He’s led work on iconic brands like McDonald’s, Target, Andersen Windows and Doors, Pepsico, and Medtronic, and a host of others in the health care, food, retail and nonprofit civic good space as well. Scott is long-time friend of and neighbor to Friends & Neighbors, because he knows creative soul mates when he sees them—and loves getting to see them every day.

Scott is also an award-winning novelist and enjoys cooking and playing sweet, sweet guitar licks that make his tweenage daughter’s eyes roll real hard.