Mary Perron

Mary comes to Friends & Neighbors after off-roading it at Polaris. Never one to shy from an adventure, Mary flexed
her prowess launching products and wrangling teams to bring multimedia campaigns to life – from adrenaline filled
videos to captivating social to product guides. Marys superpower is staying positive and calm in the chaos,
wrangling budgets and deadlines when they show their wild side and quieting creatives’ grumbles, all while keeping
a wise eye on all the moving parts of a project. She revs up and gets it done.

This attention to detail shows up in everything Mary does, from being thoughtful in client conversations to hitting
deadlines to creating charcuterie boards that make Pinterest weep.

Outside of work, Mary logs miles prepping for a marathon, does her best to grow peppers and the occasional
cucumber, plans epic parties for almost any reason, logs more miles, and does her best to be the most funnest
auntie ever, making her nephews giggle.