Kashif Zia

Kashif brings his numbers wizardry to Friends & Neighbors, coming most recently from Community Action
Partnership, where he managed all things finance, from grants to RFPs to contracts and literally everything in
between. Thanks to his vast experience in corporate accounting (and triple Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Finance, and Business Administration), Kashif brings a calm authority when solving the most perplexing of financial quandaries. All while being one of the most genuinely kind people on the planet.

Keeping F&Ns finances in order comes naturally to Kashif, looking at things from every possible angle, ensuring
that an accurate eye is on all parts of our business, allowing us to be highly strategic and do the best work we can.

When hes not happily crunching numbers, Kashif loves hanging out with his wife and four kiddos, watching history documentaries, gardening, cooking or rallying for his fantasy cricket team.