Ginnie Read

With a belief that every person is passionate about something, Ginnie spent the last few decades tapping into what makes people whir. Starting as a writer at Carmichael Lynch on brands including Harley-Davidson, Rollerblade, Schwinn and Polaris, the search for inspiration wasn’t difficult. But those big brand roots are what helped find connections throughout her career for clients who didn’t make your hair fly back.

From Target, 3M and Cargill to banking, colleges, fitness and theater – the passion continued to emerge for clients big and small, at agencies including Colle & Mcvoy, Thread, Marketing Architects, Lynch Jarvis Jones, and as a satisfying stretch as a freelancer. All while working side hustles as a personal trainer, fitness, spin, and yoga instructor.

After working at LJJ in the Textile building and teaching at Miami Ad School, Ginnie always had an inkling that something would bring her back to 4th Street. And it did. Joining Friends & Neighbors felt like coming home. A place where she could keep building relationships, connections, and brands.

When not chugging coffee and being entertained by her coworkers, Ginnie loves building furniture, remodeling her 104-year-old house, learning guitar, watching her fearless, red-head STEM-loving daughter get ready to take on the world – and last, but not least, hiking the woods with her doggos.