Danny Kvale

Danny started his graphic design career at a screen-print T-shirt shop in his hometown of Moorhead, MN, and has since then moved on to branding and illustration at design agencies in Minneapolis and San Francisco, working with brands like Facebook, HP, and Panda Express. He’s also worked in the startup tech industry, freelanced for international clients, and helped give life to a critically acclaimed new board game, CULTivate.

As Danny expands his ad agency skills at Friends & Neighbors, he brings sharp design acumen, endless curiosity, and infectious enthusiasm of all things aesthetically “sick.”  He truly loves giving clients beautiful, smart things that they’re proud to take ownership of and that get them excited about their business, product, or whatever the project may be.

Danny has a new love in his life, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Banjo, whom you will undoubtedly find celebrated on his socials.