Inspiring office
activists to take
a stand.

From the day Harry Sweere began production on his first tilt/swivel computer stand back in 1982, Ergotron has been synonymous with ergonomic solutions that improve the way people work. But by 2018, competition had caught up and the brand was swimming in a sea of sit-stand sameness.

The launch of the WorkFit by Ergotron consumer brand was an opportunity to target a new audience with a new message. We created a new, B2C-friendly identity system and implemented a digital campaign designed to reach company culture leaders—a group we call “Office Activists”—with creative that turns the office, and the category, up.

Emphasizing the modern workstyle of the modern workforce, the new campaign features a bold look and a fresh voice that channel energy and attitude into every element. And a new e-commerce store makes the sit-stand transition easier than ever.