Organify your world.

In 2006, after Supervalu had purchased Albertson’s, the grocery giant was suddenly swimming in a sea of private label brands. And worked to consolidate their portfolio down to what they believed were their strongest offerings. In organics, that offering was Wild Harvest. The problem? Supervalu had a private label quality perception problem. Moreover, people weren’t accustomed to going to the Cub Foods’ of the world to find, try and buy natural and organic foods.

At the time of our engagement on Wild Harvest, organics were gaining mainstream momentum, but were still widely considered specialty foods found at specialty stores with premium price tags. By tapping in to Supervalu’s brand belief, we could present Wild Harvest in a fresh, far more approachable way that invited people in to make organics a bigger part of their lives – with more of a light-hearted, mainstream mindset.



  Dramatic boost in Supervalu’s private label perception scores post launch

  Design of the Times winner for best-in-class shopper marketing programs

  Wild Harvest has now expanded its offering to nearly 500 products