Putting the "All"
in Basketball.

By all accounts, last season’s “All Eyes North” campaign was the most successful brand launch in Timberwolves history. Understandably so. By using “North” both in the geographic and directional sense, the work helped ignite a breed of Wolves passion that hadn’t been felt within the franchise, or its fan base, in decades. With new seasons come new challenges, however. And the Wolves now find themselves at the center of the global pro sports conversation – for some unfortunate, and rather unexpected, reasons.

Enter AEN 2.0. A design-driven evolution of our winning brand platform that emphasizes the “All” in “All Eyes North” (as a reminder of the importance of unity at times like these). TV features the vocal stylings of Rhymsayers’ artist deM atlaS, set to dynamic, fashion-forward, motion graphics. While the broader system introduces abstract patterns using elements found within the world of basketball, repetitive typography, the tasteful use of dimension/warping and multiplied player cut outs to breathe new life into the Wolves in arena experience, retail offerings and swag.