State Optical Co. is a first-of-its-kind brand of luxury American eyewear proudly being manufactured in Chicago, IL. From naming, to identity, to POS/In-store, to trade show presence, to the product itself, State has been designed from the ground up to celebrate the quality, character, and individual style that make its frames – like the people who wear them – so authentic, appealing, inspiring, and original.

Post launch, the brand grew from


$0 to $53 million in revenue in 7 years.

Central to State’s ongoing efforts is seeding and feeding the brand through a group of influencers we call “New American Originals.” These individuals represent the next great American iconoclasts across the arts, music, entertainment, the sciences, even journalism. By honoring them in our marketing efforts, State is earning face space (and social mentions galore) on the mugs of some of the world’s most prominent, glasses-wearing people. Folks who, like State, are disrupting their industries. Shaping the broader cultural conversation as they go.

Marquis Hill

Jaclyn Johnson

Dave Mucci