The brand that
rules the pool.

What began as an insightful, anthropologically-grounded strategic shift has grown into a full-on, belief-based branding evolution that is helping Pentair pool & spa connect more emotionally with consumers and realize best-ever marketing returns – even through a pandemic. Here’s a small taste of what we’ve been up to.

Pool Rebate Campaign

From value prop, brand story, and brand personality development to a social, digital and email campaign complete with new video content, display ads, web and POS creative and execution, we have helped Pentair pool & spa dramatically boost brand awareness, realize double-digit increases in site traffic, and tie rebate redemptions to marketing activities in an eye-popping way.

Pentair Pool Builder™ App

Pentair’s acquisition of the Pentair Pool Builder App was a major step for the pool & spa giant: a first-of-its-kind project management platform built especially for pool builders with a desktop and mobile app. We stepped in to develop the value prop and story for Pentair’s first SaaS offering, as well as the logo, branding and all launch materials.