Putting cookie bites
on the brain.

The leading baker of biscotti in the U.S., Nonni’s Foods, was looking to launch something a bit more indulgent and a lot more decadent. Enter Nonni’s Cookie Bites. A crunchy, chocolate-covered cookie that packs a delicious punch. Our challenge: in a category as crowded as specialty cookies, how do we entice people to try a tasty new treat instead of their go-to favorite? Our solution was a campaign that captures the delightful, borderline-addictive joy that comes with eating these cookies—summed up by the campaign themeline, “Must. Have. Bites.” The highly targeted social campaign aligned specific retailers and specific, seasonal messaging with quirky, eye-catching creative to communicate a mesmerizing sense of appetite appeal and urgency to seek out Nonni’s Cookie Bites in the cookie aisle. Now!