Designing a new
perspective for
NBA basketball

With every new Timberwolves season comes an opportunity to help them create a new design system that can span in application from in-arena, to retail promotion, to advertising and social content, to swag. This year’s edition reflects the team’s commitment to implementing a modern/analytics-driven style of play, and a spirit of togetherness (hence the recurring use of the word “Us,” which the team actually breaks the huddle with and often uses as part of a social signature). The art direction provides depth, movement and energy in all executions through the use of perspective grids, custom type, transparent 3D elements, and cut-out and desaturated imagery. Brand merchandise and straight-to-the-point copy lines supports the campaign with an attitude and style that also reflects the Timberwolves’ new direction and fan base.


356% Return on Ad Spend

Winner of the NBA’s
“Best Designed Brand”
3 years straight.