Let's keep
Minnesota rolling.

For the past 36 years, one small Minnesota nonprofit (MN Film & TV) has had to carry the weight of advocacy for an entire industry. Enter the Minnesota Film Alliance. A new, broad-based coalition that will be comprised of some of our state’s most influential individuals and companies within the worlds of film and entertainment. This membership-driven organization will represent Minnesota’s vast, impressive film, tv, and digital media production community, and give it a stronger voice. One capable of influencing economic policy, spreading the word about our local production scene worldwide, and ultimately attracting the type of production investment that leads to millions of dollars in new spending to Minnesota. Better still, new jobs with livable wages, opportunities for communities of color, and a renewed spirit of innovation.



The identity system we created captures all the Minnesota Film Alliance is at its core: an organization that is working to bring more production to Minnesota, for the benefit of Minnesota. The logo becomes a device to convey all the ways, places and people MFA will benefit the state throughout the system, allowing for custom presentations, swag, etc. to be made as alliance leadership speaks to the multiple audiences they need to rally. The use of highlighter and an additional hand-drawn graphic element adds another layer of dynamism.