It's time to talk TAK.

When you call yourself “Friends & Neighbors,” you need to live up to your name in certain ways. One of those ways is occasionally providing branding and identity services pro bono for people/organizations with inspired stories that stir our souls. Such is the case with The Heather Fulton Curtis Foundation, a non-profit organization which seeks to promote the medical and scientific research of a rare vasculitis disease called Takayasu’s Arteritis (a.k.a. TAK), increase its awareness, and assist TAK patients in finding adequate medical care.

The system, in many ways, pays homage to the late Heather Fulton Curtis. (The foundation’s founders are Heather’s parents). Beyond the brand name, the colors are bright and vibrant to reflect Heather’s personality. The colors and patterns can also be combined in endless ways – a reflection of the reality that, beyond being incredibly difficult to diagnose, no two cases of TAK are the same. The signature bold “H” lends the fledgling foundation gravitas as its founders connect with medical professionals and the extended TAK community. Throughout the system, a window opens in the logo and in key headlines, to convey the opening of a conversation around TAK and a doorway to understanding.