The identity that's
changing an ethos.

Long defined as a leader in ergonomic sit-stand solutions, Ergotron found itself with the opportunity (and pressing need, given the absolute flood of big-spending, sit-stand competitors) to renew its purpose and mission. The “new” Ergotron is movement company that uses ergonomic and human-centered design principles to build kinetic work environments that help its customers thrive. Such a bold shift in thinking called for a bold shift in corporate identity. One that removes constraint and rigidity, and adds energy, hipness and humanity.

The new logo is indicative of a modern-minded, forward-leaning, global leader – with the move to lower case also signaling friendliness and innovation. A bright, energetic color palette combined with the typography and brand patterns rounds out the system and supports the redesigned mark. Add to that a fresh approach to photography that takes the brand out of the cubicle and into the modern workspace–and you have the makings of design revolution.



Post rebrand, the company enjoyed a


40% YOY e-commerce revenue lift.