Discovery Delivered

The University of Minnesota is constantly employing the spirit of discovery to improve life for us all. From medical and tech research to finding new ways to educate and empower, our home-state land grant institution is ever delivering. Our problem to solve: Minnesotans don’t really know it. Worse, amid all the noise and negativity of modern life, they don’t feel it.

Our solution was a campaign not from “the university” but from the researchers, educators, and innovators themselves. Turning back the clock on our aging bodies, stockpiling forest seeds to battle global warming, teaching robots to help keep our lakes clean… There are so many powerful U of M stories to tell, and sometimes the simplest way to tell them is to speak from the heart.

Like all good letters, this campaign doesn’t try for high polish, but for heartfelt earnestness and clarity.

This is an extension of the Driven to Discover® campaign that’s earned us

2 Effies over a decade of relationship.

Raw, in-the-moment photography paired with voiceovers from the actual discoverers.

A consistent CTA invites anyone with a “Dear Minnesota” story of their own to share it, turning discovery into dialogue at every turn.