Tender Loving Brand Care: Minneapolis-Based Nonprofit Baby’s Space Partners With Friends & Neighbors

Baby’s Space, a non-profit child development center aimed at developing successful children, healthier families and stronger communities has tapped Friends & Neighbors (F&N) for a branding effort that will range from brand strategy, to brand identity development, to brand story creation and translating that story into communications aimed at its most mission-critical stakeholder audiences.

“We’re so excited and grateful to have an agency of F&N’s caliber help us drive this effort,” says Deb Lund, Executive Director, Baby’s Space. “We need our brand to be as soulful as the people and purpose that drive our organization are. We honestly can’t think of a partner better suited to help us do that in a way that clarifies who we are, what we stand for and helps Baby’s Space advance our mission.”

“As an agency that believes so strongly in the power of brand humanity to bring people together and do big things for a higher purpose, you can imagine how this is just one of those ‘you had us at hello,’ moment for us,” adds Jen Rorke, Group Account Director, Friends & Neighbors. “We’re honored that Baby’s Space is placing their trust in us to help them clarify and express their brand authentically, and drive people to action. We aim to give them our all.”

For more information, direct all inquiries to Mark Bubula at 612.747.9511 or mark@friends-neighbors.com.


About Baby’s Space

Baby’s Space, a nonprofit child care facility, located in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis, provides children and families equitable opportunities for educational success by putting the baby’s point of view at the center of the relationship-based early childhood programming. For more information visit www.babyspace.org.

About Friends & Neighbors

Friends & Neighbors is an independent, performance-driven creative company that builds brands based on belief. Because belief drives choice. And every brand wants to be chosen. Founded and led by some of the area’s leading strategic and creative thinkers, Friends & Neighbors provides full-service branding, design, brand repositioning, advertising and marketing to a wide range of clients in consumer goods, higher ed, sports, optical, med tech, construction, apparel and more.