Ashley Koudou

Ashley is a multidimensional designer who has worked with brands like Arby’s, Target, International Delight, and Red Wing Shoes. She’s a talented illustrator, both at work and in her free time, and her illustrations put black women at the center and evokes what makes them magical. This has given her the opportunity to collaborate with other small black women-owned businesses. She draws inspiration from her culture as an Ivorian in America, as well as her own experiences and the experiences of the black women around her.

Ashley occasionally collaborates with a group of local artists in Minneapolis to create murals, having been the lead artist on a few occasions. Ashley has been described as a multipotentialite because her interest in all things creative is vast and ever-expanding. Her artistic background began with drawing and painting, but has grown to include digital media, including animation.

Ashley is a teacher as much as she is a learner, and has realized that what drives her desire to learn is to eventually teach and share with others.