Let’s Go There: Waxing Honest with Waxing The City

There’s no shortage of anxiety when it comes to body waxing (Do I have to undress? Will it hurt? Do they even wax that?). Soothing these anxieties is the key to developing a loyal customer base in this trust-centric business. Research had already proven that Waxing The City was onto something with their new brand positioning “Approachable Expertise.” It was our job to bring that new positioning to life through a creative campaign that would signal approachability to customers and generate renewed excitement from franchise owners. The resulting campaign, Wax Honest, included a brand video, website updates, all new promotional materials and a refresh to the waxing studios. It also included a new brand tagline, “Let’s Go There.”, intended to reflect the brand’s openness and willingness to tell it like it is. Our team helped unveil the work to rave reviews at the annual Self Esteem Brands Franchisee Conference in Palm Springs, CA.


Brand Video

New Tagline & Lockup

In-Studio: Posters & Window Clings

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Holiday Campaign


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