Forging Connections in the Flames of Insight

Bulwark FR had high penetration in the oil & gas and electric utility industries, but their brand was virtually unknown. A major dilemma, given the company’s 45-year run as the industry’s largest seller. Using brand anthropology, F&N unveiled a defining set of insights that helped us connect with safety professionals with a leader’s voice, an insider’s knowledge, and an ongoing series of new product innovations, interactive tools, training programs, and bite-sized pieces of content. On a deep, meaningful, 1:1 level. Firmly positioning Bulwark as the FR expert. 

Content Strategy

As a relentless protector of the people who power the world, Bulwark is constantly feeding safety professionals the world over videos, whitepapers, new interactive tools, tips, infographics and alerts to help build cultures of compliance. F&N takes the lead on all of this content creation and dissemination – and plays a central role in connecting marketing to lead generation.

New Tradeshow Experience

In-Depth Training

Product Innovation


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