Belief Branding: How The Next Great Marketing Stories Will Be Written Post-Pandemic

With the economic uncertainty ahead, and the gradual return to normalcy we expect post-pandemic, there is a need for brands to understand how to act now so as to emerge from this unprecedented time stronger than before. One such action is re-thinking what your company means to society, pivoting toward that purpose, and acting on your brand’s true beliefs.

Over the past 15 years, we have developed and refined a novel approach to purpose-built branding that marries the most valuable aspects of brand strategy with the most relevant aspects of anthropology. The result: a proven, data-backed, performance-driving method of instilling brands and people with passion and purpose, and creating transformative and irreplaceable connections between the two.

In this white paper, we will answer the question at the top of every marketer’s mind: “What’s Next?” By offering a closer look at the latest consumer data, projecting where we think things are headed based on observations and insights from our extensive, 360-degree look at the latest research on consumer attitudes and behaviors, and by highlighting the most mission-critical “how-to’s” as it relates to building your brand on belief.

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